Multibrand Car Service

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Maintenance services

Car mechanic

At VDA Service Craiova, excellence in auto mechanic services defines what we do. Our team of experienced mechanics use the latest technology to diagnose and repair a wide range of automotive problems, ensuring your vehicle is always in safe hands. From routine maintenance like oil changes and brake checks to complex engine and transmission repairs, we’re here to keep your car performing at peak performance.

Geometry Wheels

Our specialists from VDA Service in Craiova are experts in wheel geometry services, essential for the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Using high-precision alignment equipment, we ensure that your car’s wheels are perfectly aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications. This not only extends tire life, but also improves handling and fuel economy. Come to VDA Service for a wheel geometry check and feel the difference on the road.

Car parts

Looking for high quality auto parts in Craiova? VDA Service offers a wide selection of auto parts for a variety of makes and models, ensuring that your vehicle receives only the best parts for repairs and maintenance. From OEM parts to top aftermarket alternatives, our team will help you find the right parts at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for filters, brakes, or anything else, at VDA Service you will find everything you need to keep your car in optimal conditions.