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We are the team behind the logistics

With VDA Spedition, you don’t just start a new job. When you join, you become a member of the team behind our logistics. Yes, we offer all the usual employment benefits, but that’s not why you should become a member of our team. You should join if you want to make a real difference for the people and companies that deliver their goods around the world. You should join if you are ready to go beyond beyond to make logistics more efficient for future generations and the environment.

Logistics and freight transport is a competitive realm of billions of dollars, where speed is of the utmost importance. We are developing our company at a fast pace, but we want to build it solidly, with our core values always in sight. This means that you will work in a collaborative, bold and progressive team of individuals from around the world with a common vision: to become no. 1 global digital logistics hub.

Each group of people has its own culture: common beliefs, customs, practices and values. Assets, sales, investments, etc. it’s just the results. In reality, the only thing we really have is the company’s culture, and our people are the most important part of it!

Our values:


Motivating salaries

We believe that the salary packages in our company must meet expectations

Rewards and gifts

We pay attention to every aspect when it comes to the people who are part of our team

Attractive work environment

We know how important the space in which you carry out your activity is

To know each other

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