FTL Transport


What is FTL Transport

FTL transport (Full Truck Load) a transport in which a truck has a single load. In Romanian it is called a complete truck.

Full loads are convenient for both the driver and the transport company and beneficiary. For the transport company, no approvals, invoicing and waiting are required in several places of loading and unloading. The driver puts less effort into loading, unloading and securing the goods. The beneficiary enjoys the advantage of a faster transport, on the most direct road to the recipient.

The opposite of the term FTL is grouping, also called LTL (Less Than Truckload). A full container is called FCL (Full Container Load), and in the case of rail transport it is called a wagon.

FTL transport guarantees

Short delivery time

Assured delivery of goods on the same day of shipment to keep your business running and to meet customer expectations.

GPS Tracking

Intuitive tracking helps you access in real time to track our delivery vehicle and your goods right from loading to destination.

Proof of delivery (POD)

Our proof of delivery (POD) is sent by e-mail after delivery of the goods.

Direct delivery

There are no stops between transports, to prevent the loss of time in transit and to ensure that the goods are delivered to the respective destinations ahead of time.

FTL transport accessible to you

You can reserve all the space in the truck only for yourself if the goods you want to deliver are large or bulky. The shipment is safe, your goods remain motionless until the destination, and the delivery time is much shorter, given the fact that no more stops are made.