Express Transport


What is express transport

Transport companies offer various services internationally. If we refer to the generic name of express we could distinguish two main categories. Thus, we could say that express courier companies offer postal services, respectively parcel, courier. This while shipping companies, such as VDA Spedition for example, offer freight services. The express transport offered by the shipping companies is made with their own means or those of the partner companies.

The common denominator of the above is the delivery of documents, packages or goods on a specific date. Better said, at least for express transport in Romania in a certain interval.

If you choose express transport VDA Spedition, you can be sure that your goods will reach their destination in maximum 24 hours.

So, whenever you have a freight on time delivery, waiting to be delivered to your destination by a reliable logistics partner, we meet your needs for fast, safe shipping before the deadline!

Guarantees of express transport

Short delivery time

Assured delivery of goods on the same day of shipment to keep your business running and to meet customer expectations.

GPS Tracking

Intuitive tracking helps you access in real time to track our delivery vehicle and your goods right from loading to destination.

Proof of delivery (POD)

Our proof of delivery (POD) is sent by e-mail after delivery of the goods.

Direct delivery

There are no stops between transports, to prevent the loss of time in transit and to ensure that the goods are delivered to the respective destinations ahead of time.

VDA Express Shipping Service

leave your urgent goods in our care. Every day we focus on how we can improve our customers’ expectations to help you reduce your delivery time while saving on total costs.