Types of pallets


Types of pallets for transport

Europallets (EPAL)

are the most used in Europe and are available in 4 different sizes and each weighs about 20-25 kg. Europallet dimensions (width x length) are
EUR 1 : 80 x 120cm (most commonly used in Europe)
EUR 2 : 120 x 100cm (most commonly used in the UK)
EUR 3 : 100 x 120cm
EUR 6 : 80 x 60cm

ISO Pallets

ISO pallets are available in 6 different sizes, and the dimensions of the pallets vary depending on the region in which they are used:
Europe : 100 x 120cm, 106.7 x 106.7cm or 80 x 120cm
North America : 101.6 x 121.9cm or 106.7 x 106.7cm
Australia : 116.5 x 116.5 cm
Asia : 100 x 120cm, 106.7 x 106.7cm or 110 x 110cm

Wooden pallets can be made of softwood or hardwood. Hardwood pallets ensuring more stability for heavier loads.

Cardboard pallets or eco-pallets can have the same weight as a wooden pallet, but are more often used for lighter loads. Eco-pallets are an environmentally friendly option because they are made of cardboard and can be easily recycled.

Plastic pallets are made from recycled PET or new HDPE. The price of plastic pallets is almost double the price of wooden pallets.

Steel pallets are more expensive, but are ideal for heavier loads, such as carrying weapons, ammunition and equipment.