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Before a package reaches its destination via VDA Spedition delivery solutions, you must ensure that the packaging is done correctly so that there is no damage from handling. Appropriate packaging methods should be used by each shipper to keep the items intact in the box. For the safe transport of your goods, the packaging must be suitable for the weight of the contents of the package. The packaging must be able to withstand the strain of automatic and mechanical sorting, handling and transport operations.

When it comes to packing items in a box, make sure you consider its size, strength, and quality. The size of the box must be appropriate to the contents inside. Avoid overfilled boxes, as they can explode, and underfilled boxes are also likely to give way. Always choose boxes that are slightly larger than the items you ship. Be sure to harden the box inside using soft absorbent material along the top, bottom and sides.

Fragile items should be packed individually, heavier items should be left on the bottom. Make sure that the bottoms and corners are not overfilled. Finally, check that the delivery contents and packaging materials complete the entire box. For example, to ship books, fill in the blanks inside the box by adding more packing materials. Inside the box, use cushioning, such as bubble wrap, free-filled polystyrene, or kraft paper. Leave 5-6 cm of cushioning between each item and between the items and the box wall. Fill all the remaining space so that the items absorb shocks during the shipping process.

It is also recommended that you put the “To” and “From” information on a card inside the box, so that it would be useful in cases where the box is damaged or the label falls off. As a last step, strengthen the outer box by properly closing the box and sealing with packing tape along the folds and edges. Be sure to avoid strings or ribbons. You also want to strengthen the bottom, especially so that heavy objects do not fall. Seal the box tightly with quality adhesive tape. It is recommended that you use an H recording method and also glue both ends of the box where the flaps are closed.

Attach the shipping labels to the top of the package box flap. Make sure the label is clearly visible. When using tape, be careful not to cover any labels. If you want to reuse the boxes, make sure the old labels are either covered or removed, and indeed the boxes should be in good condition.

For added strength, use corrugated cardboard that comes with good quality outer liners. For transporting valuables and long-distance transport, use double-layered cardboard. Always use high quality materials. If you have multiple boxes, never tie them. Each box should also have its own label.